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No need to take haul laundry to laundromat - this 4 bedroom has a washer and dryer in the unit.

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With 4 bedrooms - plenty of room for friends & roomates

Cozy single bedroom - located at the corner of Hamilton and Olive.  Lots of closet space and natural lighting.

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Call or Text – +1.7346781655

1 Bedroom

Finding the right apartment during your college years can be tricky. Whether you are looking for a large apartment to share with roommates or a cozy apartment for yourself -  give us a call and take a look at your new apartment today.

No need to pay for parking on Campus, no need to walk far in the cold Michigan winter - just 2 short blocks from campus

Brian McCann



4 bedroom has Washer and Dryer


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Close to Campus

4 Bedroom